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Mini Meatballs Recipe
Date January 25, 2013
Author creative

Homemade Mini Meatballs to Cry For

Homemade Mini Meatballs to Cry For

Thanks for the great recipe Kim Knox!

I was making a dinner to take to my mother–a soup with meatballs on the side to add as she wished. My husband passed behind me once, pointing at the cheese I was adding and said, “Don’t add that! It’ll burn when you’re cooking them.” I smiled sweetly and resumed my task.

A bit later, I took a plate with a single, hot meatball on it for him to try.


“Oh my gosh, better than that. These are outstanding.”

Then, with his eyes moistening just a bit, he looked up… “You’re not giving all of those away, are you?”

🙂 “Have all you like; I’m making more tomorrow.”

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