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Roman Bistro, Pittsburgh, PA

I enjoy Italian food… a lot. Rich melted cheeses, lasagna, pasta, red sauce and meatballs- what’s not to like? I had never heard of Roman Bistro on Ardmore Boulevard until today- apparently I’ve been out of the Italian restaurant food-loop for quite some time.

Roma Bistro is a large restaurant, with a seating capacity of 150. Upon entry you can’t help but notice the large bar stretches half the length of the front eating area. Another, more private dining area is located past the bar, ideal for private gatherings.

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Girasole, Shadyside, PA

Girasole is an authentic Italian restaurant off the beaten path. During the summer they have outside seating, if you prefer. When we arrived, Girasole was half-full. The space isn’t large, and the wait staff, and patrons had a difficult time moving about the restaurant because of the closeness of the tables. We were seated near a wall with small floor fans (it was muy hot) and began to look over the menu.

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