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Zoup! Canonsburg, PA

Zoup! in Southpointe Town Center is a popular eatery for those living and working in Canonsburg. The small restaurant serves a large variety of soups (there are always 12 soups daily) and has a lengthy list of sandwiches, salads, and other fresh fare to choose from- all served in a timely manner for those in a rush to get back to the office.

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Angelo’s, Washington, PA

The very best fried zucchini I’ve ever tasted was at Angelo’s restaurant in Washington, PA. These particular slices of zucchini were perfectly ripe. Instead of traditional breading (I always make mine with panko for that extra crunch) they were battered and fried. The coating was crunchy and delicious. Each strand of fried zucchini become increasingly delicious as I sampled it with the homemade marinara and spicy horseradish sauce ($10.00)

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Park Pizza and Cream, Pittsburgh, PA

I recently had the opportunity to visit Park Pizza and Cream at 7600 Forbes Avenue.

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The Wine Loft, Pittsburgh, PA

I was excited to try to Wine Loft in the South Side Works. It seemed like an interesting concept; an entire gathering place designed around the enjoyment, and exploration of wine.

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Curry Away in Edgewood

There’s a small restaurant by the name of Curry Away on Edgewood Avenue in the small business/commercial district in Edgewood. Nestled between a car dealership, and a chiropractor, this authentic eatery serves some of the best Thai cuisine in the area. If you like all-things curry, you will be pleasantly surprised with the food being served at Curry Away.

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Girasole, Shadyside, PA

Girasole is an authentic Italian restaurant off the beaten path. During the summer they have outside seating, if you prefer. When we arrived, Girasole was half-full. The space isn’t large, and the wait staff, and patrons had a difficult time moving about the restaurant because of the closeness of the tables. We were seated near a wall with small floor fans (it was muy hot) and began to look over the menu.

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Dinette, Pittsburgh, PA

I arrived a few minutes early, and was taken to a seat by the window. The décor at Dinette might be described as modern, with the polished stainless steel tables and contemporary-styled orange chairs. It’s not a large establishment, and probably seats approximately 50 people; 15 or so extra in the summer with the outside tables. Large windows provide a view of Penn Circle.

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Hard Rock Cafe, Station Square

I recently had the opportunity to dine at the hard Rock Café in Station Square with a friend. The large restaurant had pictures of famous musicians were all over the place- old faded leather jackets from famous rockers, electric guitars, and other musical instruments hung on the wall. Music was blaring over the loud speakers (80’s tunes!) but my dinner companion and I had no problems having a conversation.

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The Loft, Pittsburgh, PA

Katie and I were spent; too much going on in our lives- we needed a few drinks to help us unwind. It was a typical Thursday night in Regent Square; pedestrians were out picking up their dry-cleaning (trying not to get hit by cars as they crossed Braddock Avenue), having dinner, and running errands. We weren’t interested in doing anything productive- we needed cold beer and talk-therapy. Neither of us had been to The Loft, so we decided to give it a try.

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Piccolo Forno, Pittsburgh, PA

Piccolo Forno has become known for its wood-fired pizzas and homemade pasta. This was one of the most invigorating food experiences I’ve had in a long time!

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