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The Pittsburgher, Best Gourmet in the Burgh Competition!

Get ready to gather outside in Pittsburgh’s North Shore with the aroma of gourmet burgers filling the air; as Pittsburgh’s top burger restaurants face off to be named “The Best Gourmet Burger In The Burgh”

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The Perfect Hamburger

In 1904, the St Louis World’s Fair called the hamburger “the innovation of a food vendor on the pike.” This meaty sandwich has been served at bars, fine restaurants, steak houses, and kitchens across the world ever since. The greatest sandwich I ever ate was at a hole-in-the-wall in Montreal, Canada. On a cold December Saturday, I trudged through three feet of snow. Looking for a place to warm my toes, I instead found a treasure trove of taste. I’ve tried for years to duplicate it, and here’s the closest I’ve ever gotten.

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Hard Rock Cafe, Station Square

I recently had the opportunity to dine at the hard Rock Café in Station Square with a friend. The large restaurant had pictures of famous musicians were all over the place- old faded leather jackets from famous rockers, electric guitars, and other musical instruments hung on the wall. Music was blaring over the loud speakers (80’s tunes!) but my dinner companion and I had no problems having a conversation.

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Getting Grill Ready

Besides being a practical alternative to cooking indoors, grilling food often becomes a social event, bringing together friends and family.

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Burgatory, Pittsburgh, PA

Burgatory was great! It is much better than Brgr, which I also tried recently. We went yesterday evening – I know it’s popular right now and I wanted to avoid the wait, we still waited about 35 minutes and it was PACKED.

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Park Bruge, Pittsburgh, PA

Since its opening in Point Breeze, I’ve been a big fan of Point Brugge Restaurant. When I heard that the owners and chef of that establishment were opening a new place in Highland Park, I was excited to try the food. Park Bruge

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How to Choose Meat

We’ve all been there; in the grocery store, at the meat counter. There are all different types of steaks and cuts of meat. If you’re making stew, what should you buy? If you’re planning on grilling, and you want a tender juicy steak, which cut is best?

Before I begin, let’s talk about an important term, marbling. Marbling is the small streaks of fat found within the muscle and can be seen in the cut of meat. Marbling has a strong beneficial effect on juiciness and flavor, and may also have a positive effect on tenderness. Meat that has little marbling may be dry and flavorless. Excessive amounts of marbling will not necessarily increase the juiciness and flavor over those cuts of meat with modest marbling. When picking your meat, choose a piece with average marbling. The streaks of fat should make up approximately 1/3 of the meat in ratio.

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Brgr, Pittsburgh

The new restaurant, Brgr, can be described as a contemporary burger joint, with a heavy dose of sophistication. Brgr, located at 134 South Highland Avenue, enjoys a prime location in the east section of town that has recently experienced a rejuvenation of sorts. New businesses have been popping up in this section of the city, attracting a diverse and loyal clientele.

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Applebee’s, Edgewood Towne Center

I’m continually perplexed as I drive by the Applebee’s in Edgewood Towne Center. The parking lot is always packed no matter what day of the week it is. Maybe it’s the location- maybe it’s the food or service; I’m just not sure why a chain restaurant has so much business every day of the week.

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The Original Hot Dog Shop, Oakland

When I moved to Pittsburgh, my new friends encouraged me to visit The Original Hot Dog Shop. “They have the best hot dogs in town,” they kept telling me. I had yet to explore the city, so I went for a ride. After zigzagging through Oakland, I finally came upon the “O”. “So, this is the famous Hot Dog shop that I’ve been hearing about,” I thought to myself. I was impressed. The façade of the restaurant was bejeweled with various neon lights and signs. Once inside I was amazed at the baskets upon baskets of French fries being plunged into hot oil, and what seemed to be hundreds of hot dogs on the grill. Cheese sauce was flying everywhere; on dogs, cheese steaks, and fries- cheese is popular in Pittsburgh.

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