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D’s Six Pax and Dogz

Everyone who has lived in the East End of town is familiar with D’s Six Paxs and Dogz. Situated at 118 South Braddock Avenue, D’s has the largest selection of import and micro beers with over 1,000 (yes, that’s three zeros) selections.

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The Original Hot Dog Shop, Oakland

When I moved to Pittsburgh, my new friends encouraged me to visit The Original Hot Dog Shop. “They have the best hot dogs in town,” they kept telling me. I had yet to explore the city, so I went for a ride. After zigzagging through Oakland, I finally came upon the “O”. “So, this is the famous Hot Dog shop that I’ve been hearing about,” I thought to myself. I was impressed. The façade of the restaurant was bejeweled with various neon lights and signs. Once inside I was amazed at the baskets upon baskets of French fries being plunged into hot oil, and what seemed to be hundreds of hot dogs on the grill. Cheese sauce was flying everywhere; on dogs, cheese steaks, and fries- cheese is popular in Pittsburgh.

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