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Wiener World, Pittsburgh, PA

Wiener World will be celebrating its 51st anniversary this month. An established Pittsburgh restaurant, the hot dog shop has been providing hungry patrons with all-natural casing hot dogs, and other quality fare for decades.

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Getting Grill Ready

Besides being a practical alternative to cooking indoors, grilling food often becomes a social event, bringing together friends and family.

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D’s Six Pax and Dogz

Everyone who has lived in the East End of town is familiar with D’s Six Paxs and Dogz. Situated at 118 South Braddock Avenue, D’s has the largest selection of import and micro beers with over 1,000 (yes, that’s three zeros) selections.

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Packs and Dogs Beer Fest II

Saturday evening, Ryan and I met up with some of his dude friends at our local Beer Fest. The event, sponsored by Packs and Dogs (Shiloh Street, Mt Washington), offered drinkers a chance to sample more than 100 craft beers! Redbeard’s provided some hot, delicious bar food. Breweries sent their friendliest and most knowledgeable folks to acquaint attendees with their beer. What more could I ask for?

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Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe, PA

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a thick, buttery filet mignon as much as the next carnivore. But I gotta say, hot dogs have a special place in my (cholesterol-saturated) heart.

I have been hearing about Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe for years. Like the O in Oakland and D’s SixPax & Dogz in Regent Square, Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe specializes in wieners. I find it odd that a restaurant would stake it’s whole business model on a food that is probably the easiest food in the world to cook. You could cook your dog with a Zippo, if you really had to. I suppose that speaks to what the hot dog means to us as a country: fast to cook, easy to eat, and lots and lots of choices when it comes to condiments.

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The Original Hot Dog Shop, Oakland

When I moved to Pittsburgh, my new friends encouraged me to visit The Original Hot Dog Shop. “They have the best hot dogs in town,” they kept telling me. I had yet to explore the city, so I went for a ride. After zigzagging through Oakland, I finally came upon the “O”. “So, this is the famous Hot Dog shop that I’ve been hearing about,” I thought to myself. I was impressed. The façade of the restaurant was bejeweled with various neon lights and signs. Once inside I was amazed at the baskets upon baskets of French fries being plunged into hot oil, and what seemed to be hundreds of hot dogs on the grill. Cheese sauce was flying everywhere; on dogs, cheese steaks, and fries- cheese is popular in Pittsburgh.

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D’s 6-Pack and Dogz

If you live in the East End of town, you’re familiar with D’s 6-pack and Dogz. It’s located on Braddock Avenue, and is always packed to the gills with hungry customers and beer drinkers. D’s is a comfortable restaurant/bar to meet with friends.

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