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Wiener World, Pittsburgh, PA

Wiener World will be celebrating its 51st anniversary this month. An established Pittsburgh restaurant, the hot dog shop has been providing hungry patrons with all-natural casing hot dogs, and other quality fare for decades.

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Kerber’s Dairy Farm

If you find yourself in Irwin, PA, and are in the mood for some ice cream, be sure to stop by the Kerber Dairy Farm. Besides producing a wide variety of quality dairy products, the Kerbers also make premium ice cream. So, what does “premium ice cream” mean ? Well, simply, it means having a high butter fat content. The more butterfat in an ice cream has, the better it is. Higher levels of fat mean a smoother, fluffier texture and a pleasant, soft aftertaste. Besides being rich, Kerber ice cream is also dense; free of excess air. Combine these two qualities in an ice cream, and the result is a close-to-perfect product.

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Ice Cream

When I was a kid, my parents would drive my sisters and I out to the Kerber Dairy farm in Irwin. Once every few years, the Kerbers (my cousins) would have a family reunion, and invite the entire extended family. Kerbers would come from all over the state, probably close to a hundred in all. We would play lawn darts, eat roasted pig, and most importantly, devour large amounts of ice cream.

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Rose’s Ice Cream, Pittsburgh, PA

There’s a small ice cream store on the corner of Braddock, and Forbes Avenue. Rose’s Ice Cream has been open for two years now, and has enjoyed mild success. Every time I drive by, I’m surprised that there aren’t larger crowds, even in the summer. The location (Forbes and Braddock) is one of the busiest in the entire city, not to mention it sits across from Frick Park, and the surrounding Regent Square neighborhood. Rose’s offers a wide variety of ice cream flavors provided by Kerber’s Dairy.

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