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Rose’s Ice Cream, Pittsburgh, PA
Date March 16, 2010
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Roses Ice Cream

Rose's Ice Cream

Rose’s Ice Cream

There’s a small ice cream store on the corner of Braddock, and Forbes Avenue.  Rose’s Ice Cream has been open for two years now, and has enjoyed mild success.  Every time I drive by, I’m surprised that there aren’t larger crowds, even in the summer.  The location (Forbes and Braddock) is one of the busiest in the entire city, not to mention it sits across from Frick Park, and the surrounding Regent Square neighborhood.   Rose’s offers a wide variety of ice cream flavors provided by Kerber’s Dairy.  They also offer soft ice cream, and your choice of a waffle or cake cone.  The ice cream is good, although some of the flavors are a bit of a stretch.  I’m not a fan of brightly colored ice cream with chunks of gum and candy.  I am a fan of traditional chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla- all of which they have.   Rose’s is a quaint ice cream parlor, with nice employees and plenty of space to sit outside.  Hopefully by posting this review, we can help this small business increase its numbers.

Rose’s Ice Cream
7600 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA
15221-3234 – (412) 247-3103


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3 Responses to Rose’s Ice Cream, Pittsburgh, PA

  1. Carey says:

    I love Rose’s and one reason for this is that they are very dog friendly. I always take my 3 down there and get one of their doggie ice cream treats, which is 2 milk bones with ice cream in between. I think they’re about 5 for $1. Can’t remember. But I do like their ice cream. Every flavor I’ve tried has been good, especially the Play Dough, which is like cookie dough but with bright colors instead. I think a big reason that business is slow at times is the parking issue.

  2. Laura at the Flower Shop says:

    I have to agree. I have had the ice cream there and it is very good, but parking is crazy. We used to play poker at the bar next door and would go a little early in the summer and have and ice cream and walk the park. But if you are going just for ice cream, good luck finding a quick spot to park.

  3. Jen says:

    I read your blog before I finally walked the dog up the street to go here. The ice cream was awesome and the dog was very happy with her treats (5 for $1). I’ll definitely be visiting a lot over the summer.

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