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Summer Watermelon Salad

Summer Watermelon Salad   Perfectly refreshing for those hot summer days!    

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Tequila Prawns with Cilantro, Basil, Honey, and Sweet Peppers
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Kerber’s Dairy Farm

If you find yourself in Irwin, PA, and are in the mood for some ice cream, be sure to stop by the Kerber Dairy Farm. Besides producing a wide variety of quality dairy products, the Kerbers also make premium ice cream. So, what does “premium ice cream” mean ? Well, simply, it means having a high butter fat content. The more butterfat in an ice cream has, the better it is. Higher levels of fat mean a smoother, fluffier texture and a pleasant, soft aftertaste. Besides being rich, Kerber ice cream is also dense; free of excess air. Combine these two qualities in an ice cream, and the result is a close-to-perfect product.

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