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Fresh Garden Tomato Salsa

Fresh Garden Tomato Salsa

Every year I plant tomatoes in my back yard. The past two years my yield has been fantastic. This season the tomatoes were robust, and perfectly sweet.

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Homemade Salsas

Everyone loves salsa- it’s great on chips, and even better on Mexican food. It’s usually made with ripe tomatoes, sweet onions, cilantro, hot peppers and lime juice.

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Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe, PA

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a thick, buttery filet mignon as much as the next carnivore. But I gotta say, hot dogs have a special place in my (cholesterol-saturated) heart.

I have been hearing about Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe for years. Like the O in Oakland and D’s SixPax & Dogz in Regent Square, Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe specializes in wieners. I find it odd that a restaurant would stake it’s whole business model on a food that is probably the easiest food in the world to cook. You could cook your dog with a Zippo, if you really had to. I suppose that speaks to what the hot dog means to us as a country: fast to cook, easy to eat, and lots and lots of choices when it comes to condiments.

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