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Burgatory, Pittsburgh, PA

A considerable amount of burger joints have popped up in Pittsburgh over the past few years. BRGR (check out my review HERE), Burgatory, and Winghart’s all have multiple locations in the area. I recently got to sample the fare at Burgatory at the Waterworks.

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The Pittsburgher, Best Gourmet in the Burgh Competition!

Get ready to gather outside in Pittsburgh’s North Shore with the aroma of gourmet burgers filling the air; as Pittsburgh’s top burger restaurants face off to be named “The Best Gourmet Burger In The Burgh”

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Vegetarian Black Bean Burger

Not everyone likes traditional hamburgers for various reasons. Here is a relatively easy, flavorful vegetarian burger that can be eaten just like a traditional hamburger.

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Buffalo Blues, Shadyside

When you walk into Buffalo Blues, you’ll notice a few flat-screen televisions, and a large bar. Past the entry way, there’s a small dining room, and behind that, another large room- probably enough seating to accommodate 100 people comfortably. The large wooden planked walls are ornamented with various beer signs and other typical bar-type memorabilia. I was mostly interested in the faint smell of hot oil cooking- that meant something was being deep-fried!

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Gateway Grill, Monroeville, PA

There’s a great rib, burger, and pizza place in Monroeville, PA, and it goes by the name of Gateway Grill. It’s not on the main strip, or in the mall; it’s tucked away on a small road next to a Dairy Queen, and the parking lot is always packed.

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