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Superbowl Appetizers

The Super bowl is right around the corner, do you have a menu together? Now, you don’t need to get too extravagant here. Try some simple appetizers and your guests will be happy as clams!

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Drover’s Inn, Wellsburg, West Virginia

My love affair with hot meat began about fifteen years ago at a place called Drovers Inn in my hometown. After swim meets or football games, family and friends would crowd into the rustic restaurant, and devour baskets upon baskets of hot wings and cheese fries.

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Buffalo Blues, Shadyside

When you walk into Buffalo Blues, you’ll notice a few flat-screen televisions, and a large bar. Past the entry way, there’s a small dining room, and behind that, another large room- probably enough seating to accommodate 100 people comfortably. The large wooden planked walls are ornamented with various beer signs and other typical bar-type memorabilia. I was mostly interested in the faint smell of hot oil cooking- that meant something was being deep-fried!

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Dunning’s Grill, Pittsburgh, PA

French Fries in a salad? Yeah, you heard me…fries and greens. Shortly after I moved to Pittsburgh, I ordered a grilled chicken salad, and it came with gobs of cheese and French fries. It seemed odd to me, I mean, don’t the fries cancel out the health benefits of the mixed greens? Well, I’m not sure, but it sure tastes good- especially with extra ranch dressing. One such restaurant that specializes in the French fry-salad combo is Dunning’s in Regent Square. It’s a family-friendly restaurant that has been around for the past 20 years. Dunning’s food is straightforward; no complicated sauces, expensive cuts of veal, or white tablecloths. What they do have is good burgers, grilled chicken dishes and salads with French fries.

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