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La Feria, Shadyside, PA

There’s a small restaurant above Pamela’s in Shadyside, by the name of La Feria. Climb a small set of stairs, walk past the Latin American souvenirs, and you’ll come up a small dining room with chairs. The odd placement of La Feria makes it almost unrecognizable as a full-service restaurant.

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Cafe Zinho, Shadyside

Despite the torrential downpour on Saturday evening, we decided to try a new restaurant. My girlfriend and I went back and forth (as we usually do), and finally decided on Café Zinho in Shadyside. We had heard good things from a few friends, and were ready to give it a try.

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Buffalo Blues, Shadyside

When you walk into Buffalo Blues, you’ll notice a few flat-screen televisions, and a large bar. Past the entry way, there’s a small dining room, and behind that, another large room- probably enough seating to accommodate 100 people comfortably. The large wooden planked walls are ornamented with various beer signs and other typical bar-type memorabilia. I was mostly interested in the faint smell of hot oil cooking- that meant something was being deep-fried!

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