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Homemade Cole Slaw Recipe

Not all coleslaw is created equally. Some are dry, while others are mushy and tasteless. This is my coleslaw recipe- I think you will find it has just enough zing and texture to keep your taste buds dancing!

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Tessaro’s in Bloomfield

Char-grilled burgers, big ones, that’s what you’ll find at Tessaro’s in Bloomefield. Besides having great hamburgers, Tessaro’s has a rich history. It’s been around for years, and has enjoyed continued success. The continued success can be attributed to the atmosphere, wood- grilled food, and the wait staff, many of whom who have been around for years.

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Gateway Grill, Monroeville, PA

There’s a great rib, burger, and pizza place in Monroeville, PA, and it goes by the name of Gateway Grill. It’s not on the main strip, or in the mall; it’s tucked away on a small road next to a Dairy Queen, and the parking lot is always packed.

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