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Jumper’s Junction, Washington, PA
Date October 17, 2012
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Jumper's Junction Bar

Jumper’s Junction Bar

I had the opportunity to go to Jumper’s Junction in Washington, PA on Tuesday night for a debate party. The large, sports-themed bar/restaurant had a reserved, semi-private area for our party of 25. I had never heard of Jumper’s before… it is after all a bit out of the way. When I arrived I was greeted by an enthusiastic, young woman who hurriedly directed to the debate-party location. I noticed only one other person at Jumper’s Junction when I got there. That being said, it was Tuesday night at 7pm.

Jumper's Junction Dining Room

Jumper’s Junction Dining Room

As I said, the restaurant is quite large. I estimate that it seats at least 150, with room for an additional 20-30 people at the bar. The walls were decorated with various sports memorabilia. The restaurant was clean and organized. Several large screen TVs were hung about; this seemed like a great place to watch a sporting event.

Before the debate started, our servers showed up with mounds of wings. These were full-sized wings, not the half or ¼ sized. The wings were served with standard barbeque, red-hot, ranch and blue cheese dressings. In addition to the wings, the wait-staff gave us a large cheese/meat platter, barbeque dip, and buffalo-chicken dip. The dips were presented with large tri-colored chips.

Jumper's Wings and Cheese Platter

Jumper’s Wings and Cheese Platter

Jumper's Buffalo Dip with Tri-Colored Chips

Jumper’s Buffalo Dip with Tri-Colored Chips

The wings were good, but some were moist-free and overcooked- the sauces were a nice accompaniment, and helped ease some of the dry chicken parts down my throat. The cheese/meat platter was good, and the dark mustard was a nice addition to the salty fare. My favorite food of the evening was the buffalo chicken dip. Large chunks of chicken were saturated with Frank’s Red Hot, gobs of melted cheddar cheese and plenty of salt and pepper.

Bright red, blue, and regular corn chips were perfect vessels for lapping up piles of the tasty concoction.

The best part of my visit to Jumper’s was the service provided by our servers who kept our drinks filled, platters stocked, and cleared soiled dishes.

I’m not sure if I would go to Jumper’s Junction again- it’s just too far off the beaten path. It may however be a fun place to get some wings and watch the game.

Chef Chuck Kerber


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