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Katiedid’s Cupcakes, Pittsburgh
Date June 4, 2015
Author creative

You probably think you’ve had a great cupcake- you may even have a favorite bakery that you frequent to get your sugar fix.  You may also think you’ve had the best cupcake in the city- you haven’t.  Let me explain.


A few weeks ago I had a party where I work, and wanted to serve something special- something different.  I usually make my own desserts, but simply didn’t have the time.  I reached out to a friend who makes cupcakes for special events.  “What type of cupcakes would you like?” she asked.  “I’m not sure- give me a few varieties- all chocolate, please.”


Katie Palamara of KatieDid’s cupcakes (you can see her website here) showed up with a trio of deliciousness- chocolate trifle, triple chocolate, and mocha crunch.  These are just a few samples of the flavors- she even has vegan raspberry swirl! The cupcakes were meticulously packaged in a baker’s box with a see-through top.  Each dessert was nestled in individual inserts within the box ensuring the cupcakes safe, and proper delivery.


Cinna-Pumpkin Cupcake

Cinna-Pumpkin Cupcake


Chocolate Trifle Cupcake

Chocolate Trifle Cupcake

Three elements are required for a truly successful cupcake.  First, the desserts must look delicious and beautiful- we eat with our eyes first, right?  Next, the cake has to be moist, and light.  Lastly, the buttercream/icing should be fluffy and flavorful.  Check, check, and CHECK!  I sampled all three, and was amazed at the quality- the only difficulty I had was choosing one that I liked the most.


You haven’t had the best cupcake in the city unless you’ve sampled one of these gems.  These signature cupcakes are prepared by a true artisan- someone who understands the importance of dessert.  My advice?  Try them all!


Katie Palamara

Katie Palamara


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6 Responses to Katiedid’s Cupcakes, Pittsburgh

  1. Chaz says:

    I can’t wait to order more!

    • JP says:

      I’d eat her cupcakes everyday if I could. The mocha-flavoured and Bedtime Snack are my absolute FAVES! You can’t really get the same freshness and creativity at Giant Eagle or even a basic bakery. Sorry Giant Eagle 😛

  2. Katie says:

    Hey cupcake lovers! Thank you for checking out my cupcakes! And thanks to Chef Chuck for writing this wonderful article about Katiedid’s Cupcakes! 🙂

    Check out all of my social media pages and website for more information about the business and my gourmet cupcakes! Always taking orders and can’t wait to whip up some cupcakes for your next special event!

    Instagram: @katiedidscupcakes

    – Katie

  3. Karen Lucarelli says:

    I agree!! I got a dozen for a Halloween party. I gave Katie complete creative control. Told her I wanted something gory. She came up with cupcakes with a bloody brain and shard of glass. They were delicious. They were a huge hit. My only mistake, not ordering enough.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Gorgeous! My mouth is watering…

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