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CURDTOWN, Deep Fried Cheese Curds

Curdtown set out to “reverse engineer” the deep fried cheese curds we enjoy at our annual Minnesota State Fair, without being swayed by what was currently on the market from other manufacturers.

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Pittsburgh Taco Festival

PITTSBURGH – People in Pittsburgh are preparing for the inaugural Pittsburgh Taco Festival Sunday, Oct. 2, at Hop Farm Brewing on 56thStreet in Lawrenceville.

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Swissvale Farmers Market

The Swissvale Farmer’s Market is held every Saturday 9am- 1pm May 7th through October 9th. If you love fresh food, and hanging around like-minded culinarians, the Swissvale Farmer’s Market is worth a visit!

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Sand Hill Berries

Sand Hill Berries, one of the vendors at the market, was my first stop. The berries they had on display vibrant, and looked wonderful. In addition to pints of fresh blackberries, there were black and red currants. Also on display were Sand Hill’s baked goods. Merle, the friendly worker urged me to try the currants, “They’re tangy, and become sweet when cooked.” Emmariah, another Sandhill Berries employee, began opening boxes of their baked goods, explaining to me how fresh all of the ingredients were that are used in their preparation. I had purchased pies from this booth before, and was very pleased with the product.

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The very first thing I ever cooked was an egg- I was 4. Under the close supervision of my parents, I sidled up …

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Katiedid’s Cupcakes, Pittsburgh

You probably think you’ve had a great cupcake- you may even have a favorite bakery that you frequent to get your sugar fix.  …

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Ardent Goods Handcrafted Grilling Furniture

    Are you a hard-core grilling enthusiast?  I am, even during those brutal winter months.  My neighbors often give me strange looks …

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  I was 10 years old when I tried caviar for the first time.   My father had just baked some fresh bread, and …

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Cookbook Review: ‘School of Fish’ by Ben Pollinger and ‘Sweet and Southern’ by Ben Mims

Freshness matters most with seafood, which helps to explain why, a few generations ago, the culinary taste of most Americans stopped at the water’s edge. Unless you lived near a port or a well-stocked river, bay or lake, most of your seafood came out of a can. Even today—after breakthroughs in flash freezing and rapid transport—many of us who enjoy sushi, ceviche or an array of fish and shellfish entrées at a restaurant shy away from all but the simplest seafood preparations in our homes. It’s as if an atavistic reaction to the otherness of the underwater world makes us uneasy—if not downright queasy—when faced with the reproachful glance of a glassy-eyed sea bass staring up at us from the cutting board.

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Top 20 Restaurants where College Students Can Eat In Pittsburgh, PA

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a seasoned senior, you should already know that Pittsburgh is an incredible college town. There’s no shortage of outdoor activities, culture, sporting events and restaurants. In fact, the ‘burgh has a wide variety of restaurants from all the over world from Caribbean to India to Germany. But, which places can you afford to go to on a limited budget that isn’t Primanti’s or Quaker Steak’s?

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