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Sand Hill Berries

Sand Hill Berries, one of the vendors at the market, was my first stop. The berries they had on display vibrant, and looked wonderful. In addition to pints of fresh blackberries, there were black and red currants. Also on display were Sand Hill’s baked goods. Merle, the friendly worker urged me to try the currants, “They’re tangy, and become sweet when cooked.” Emmariah, another Sandhill Berries employee, began opening boxes of their baked goods, explaining to me how fresh all of the ingredients were that are used in their preparation. I had purchased pies from this booth before, and was very pleased with the product.

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Prantl’s Bakery, Pittsburgh, PA

I had never heard of a burnt almond torte before I moved back to Pittsburgh. The first time I saw one of these cakes was at a party one evening. I noticed the square cake with shaved almonds on it and asked, “What’s that?”
“That’s a Burnt Almond Torte from Prantl’s, you’ve never had one?”
Why was it called a burnt almond torte? The almonds were barely toasted, but they were coated with a thick layer of sugar.

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