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Mercurio’s, Shadyside, PA
Date July 26, 2011
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Mercurio’s, Shadyside,PA



Mercurio’s, Shadyside,PA

Frozen treats are good, especially during the hot summer months. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a crushed-ice (like Rita’s), regular ice cream, or gelato. I have to admit, I’ve only had gelato a handful of times… it’s good, and much different than ice cream.

Mercurio's gelato

Mercurio’s gelato

How does gelato differ from regular ice cream? Butterfat. Gelato has lower butterfat content, and is also churned a little slower, making it more dense than ice cream.

It had been some time since I enjoyed a cup of gelato, so while in Shadyside, I stopped into Mercurio’s on Walnut Street.

Gelato is usually served from rectangular stainless steel containers. There were many flavors to choose from at Mercurio’s; (fresh fruit choices looked especially good) I decided on chocolate. The dessert was served in small cup with a teeny spoon. My first bite was good- the flavors were intense, and the texture was smooth. The difference from regular ice cream was clear; it wasn’t as creamy.


Gelato is a traditional Italian dessert that is meant to be consumed in small portions. My gelato was excellent- prepared by ice cream artisans with great care. It’s slightly-less creamy texture could be the perfect finish to a delicious meal. Since butterfat runs through my veins in abundance, I’ll stick with ice cream.


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