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Nancy B’s Bakery, Homestead, PA
Date July 12, 2011
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Nancy B’s Bakery, Homestead, PA

chocolate peanut butter cookies

chocolate peanut butter cookies

Nancy B’s Bakery, Homestead, PA

Everyone likes cookies right? I sure do, and today, I had a whopper. If you’ve never heard of Nancy B’s in Homestead, it’s time to become familiar with the name.

Today, one of our neighbors in the city brought us over a box of these over-sized, delicious treats. I’ve had many different kinds of cookies over the years, but these are probably some of the best I’ve ever had. So, what makes a good cookie? Real butter. Cookies made with shortening lack the depth-of-flavor necessary for a complete cookie. The cookies are chewy, flavorful, and as I mentioned before, LARGE.

I had a chance to speak to the owner, Nancy B.

“We’ve been here for 25years. We bake our cookies continually throughout the day so that they’re fresh all the time.”

There are 15 different verifies of cookies at Nancy B’s; snicker-doodle, peanut butter, and chocolate peanut butter are just a few of the selections; her best seller is traditional chocolate chip.

Cookie prices vary from $.75 to $1.25 each.

If you like cookies (and who doesn’t?) make your way to Nancy B’s in Homestead enjoy a cookie, and be sure to grab a few to go!

Chef Chuck Kerber


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4 Responses to Nancy B’s Bakery, Homestead, PA

  1. alice says:

    I liked their cookies, until I tried to order some for a major event. They sent the items late, and refused to make any kind of compensation for their error. So I was left with a bunch of useless cookies, and a major dent in my wallet. On top of that they can’t even do basic addition– 100 + 15 = 125 in their minds, obviously. NOT someone I want to be buying from anymore.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Are u all still open what is your prices? For 1 doz

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