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Cedar Springs Veal Asian Lettuce Wraps

Summer is here and there’s nothing better than a light, fresh, seasonal lettuce wrap. Cedar Springs natural veal is an excellent source of protein, and a smart choice when preparing a meal for your friends or family. These Asian lettuce wraps are crispy, easy to prepare, and packed with flavor.

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PF Chang’s, Pittsburgh,PA

Lettuce Wraps. They come from all over for the lettuce wraps, and Chinese food. The crowds are a-plenty at PF Chang’s. If you plan on coming during the weekend, make a reservation, or you could be in for a long wait. What makes PF Chang’s the most successful and highest grossing restaurant at the Waterfront? Several things. Firstly, the service is close to impeccable. When you walk in the door, a hostess smiles, and takes your name. They’re cordial, sincere, and capable. If you have a special need, or require special service, they can make it happen without running to a manager.

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