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Tipping- Don’t be a Cheap Jerk

Tipping- Don’t be a Cheap Jerk

Before becoming a chef, and while still in college, I waited tables. I really enjoyed it- it afforded me the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, and earn valuable cash. I worked at a TGI Fridays in California… it was constantly busy, and the money I earned working part-time was more than enough to live on, and pay for my books, and part of my tuition.

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Choosing a Restaurant

Not all restaurants are responsible when it comes to the safety of their patrons. What I mean by this, is sometimes food-sanitation standards are not always met, and the likelihood of becoming sick is greater. Here are a few things to look for when dining out.

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Restaurant Etiquette

My increased visits to restaurants lately have inspired me to write this piece on etiquette. There are certain things you should, and shouldn’t do while dining out. Here are a few to examples.

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Advice on TIPPING

I’m not sure why everyone has such a hard time when it comes to tipping; how hard is it to figure what 15% of the total bill is? I always get asked, “How much should we leave?” when eating out. I’m not really sure why this is, (maybe because I’m a Chef) but here are some suggestions for those of you who are confused.

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