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Vegan Asian Vegetable Soup
Date January 26, 2011
Author creative

Vegan Asian Vegetable Soup

Vegan Asian Vegetable Soup

Vegan Asian Vegetable Soup



Vegan Asian Vegetable Soup 

Keep Warm with Hot Soups!

Soup is an excellent food choice for these cold winter days. Not only does soup warm your bones, it also provides hydration for our bodies; something that is often neglected during the winter months. Soup can be enjoyed anytime during the day; morning, afternoon and night. It’s easy to exercise your creativity with different types of broths, veggies, and proteins; nothing is off limits. Try different starches in your soups such as gnocchi, wild or brown rice, potatoes, (sweet, new, or Yukon), spaetzle, tortellini, orzo, dumplings…the possibilities are endless!

One of the good things about making soups is that it enables you to get rid of some of the left-over foods in your refrigerator. Any scraps of vegetables, chicken, beef, and other items can all be combined to make an original, delicious concoction.

Here is a vegan recipe I came up with recently. It’s easy to make, and can keep for at least one week in the refrigerator.

Serve and enjoy with friends and family!

Chef Chuck


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