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Biddle’s Escape Sunday Brunch
Date February 24, 2014
Author creative

Biddle's Escape Sunday Brunch

Biddle’s Escape Sunday Brunch


If you haven’t been to Biddle’s Escape in Regent Square, you’re missing out.  The quaint (but busy) coffee shop is a haven for poets, writers, artists, and other creative types.  It’s also a fantastic place to get a real cup of coffee.


In addition to serving rich java, Biddle’s has homemade sandwiches, hummus, and one of the most extensive tea selections in all of Pittsburgh.


During the Spring and summer months, a large glass garage door opens to an expansive patio- patrons are encouraged to bring their dogs, cats, and any other species of animal (I’ve seen a few pigs).


Last weekend I sampled Biddle’s brunch (served every Sunday) and was amazed at the quality of the fare.  My plate was adorned with thick slices of French toast (made with challah), vegetarian sausage, and rice pudding- all homemade.  The toast was rich and flavorful with a hint of orange- rich maple syrup and creamy butter completed the dish.  The rice pudding was velvety (was that HEAVY cream?) and seasoned with fresh nutmeg.  I’ve never had vegan sausage before, but my sample was a perfect substitute for the kind made with animal meat.


All of the food is made by baristas (and soon to be chefs) Michelle and Britta.


If you haven’t been to Biddle’s yet, what are you waiting for?  Stop in for a delicious homemade brunch this Sunday morning and be sure to bring your appetite.

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