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Delicious Carrot Cake
Date January 31, 2014
Author creative

Classic Carrot Cake

Classic Carrot Cake


I love carrot cake.  There are many delicious components to a fine carrot cake- fresh-shaved carrots (of course) spices, and tangy sour cream, cream cheese frosting!  Fresh carrot cake is moist, refreshing, and satisfying.


Recently, (today in fact) I received a carrot cake in the mail from a friend of mine who owns a hospitality company.  Now, you may be asking… how does one receive a carrot cake in the mail?  Good question!  Shelly Hiddleson, owner and head baker of Shelly Hospitality, ( makes the cakes from scratch, freezes them, and ships!  The cakes arrive perfectly, with two bags of cream cheese for piping!  Here’s the fun part- you can create a myriad of different shapes and designs with the icing- particularly fun for creative kids who love to spend time in the kitchen.


Classic Carrot Cake Kit

Classic Carrot Cake Kit


Shelly’s cakes are divine- rich, flavorful and prepared with love.


If you have a special occasion, or crave moist carrot cake, give Shelly a call!


Shelly Hiddleson

Phone: 310-962-1145



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