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Getting Grill Ready
Date July 5, 2014
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Getting Grill Ready

Getting Grill Ready


Getting Grill Ready

The weather is perfect- it’s time to start grilling. If you’re like me, your grill has been sitting outside un-covered for a few months.

The first thing I do is hose off the outside of the grill- this removes most of the larger particles and debris. Then, I fill a bucket with hot, soapy water and begin to hand-wash the outside of the grill. If the surface of your grill is stainless steel, or has a painted coating, use a non-abrasive sponge to avoid scratches and permanent blemishes. Carefully wash off the soapy water and hand-dry with a cotton cloth.

Next, open the grill and remove the grates, and burner covers. Place them on a flat surface, coat with the hot soapy water, and scrub thoroughly with a wire brush.

Examine the inside of your grill, and remove any particles that are stuck to the sides, and food residue that has collected on the bottom. Hose out the inside of the grill until the water runs clear through the bottom.

Re-assemble the burner covers, and grill grates. Check the propane tank, and make sure all of the connections are secure and tight. Placing soapy water on rubber connecting hoses will help reveal leaks.

After your grill is cleaned, ignite the burners checking for even flame distribution. Let the grill continue to burn on high for 10-15 minutes; this process will sanitize and season the grill.

Turn the burners off. Saturate a clean cotton cloth with olive or vegetable oil, and rub along the cooking grates.

You’re now ready for a lengthy, delicious grilling season!

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