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Starbucks, Squirrel Hill
Date April 25, 2010
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Starbucks, Squirrel Hill

Starbucks, Squirrel Hill


I started drinking coffee three years ago.  Before that, I preferred Diet Coke, or Pepsi; mostly for the caffeine.  I start my day at 5am, so the pick-me-up is necessary, and I would usually grab my first diet soda around 9am.

During the weekends I would find myself working a lot, with seldom fun outings with friends or family.  You see, I’m one of those people afflicted with an overly-strong work ethic; some call it being a “work-a-holic.”  It was suggested by a family member that I take some time for myself; “Grab your newspaper, and find a nice coffee shop to sit and relax for a while,” I was told.  My first weekend out, I decided to try Starbucks, on Forbes and Shady in Squirrel Hill.  The parking lot was full, so I parked down the street a bit; it was, after all, a nice day for a walk.  I approached the counter and asked for a Venti regular coffee.  I received my brew, and found a seat near the window.  As I took my first sip, I was surprised- this stuff was strong, not like the coffee I had experienced at work, or other small coffee shops around town.  I finished my large drink, and was happy to have completed my first session of “mandated” relaxation.

In the weeks that followed, I found myself enjoying my Saturday and Sunday outings to Starbucks.  I began to get to know the baristas, and some of the patrons.  My new friends and I would sit with our papers, pretend to read the daily news, and talk to each other as we sat with our coffees, mochas and other specialty drinks.  As I began to get to know the employees better, they started educating me about Starbuck’s special beans.  They used words like acidity, aroma, balance, body, clean, complexity, wild, earthy, and natural.  I was even told that Bean Masters could tell which region the beans came from, much like master sommeliers can tell by taste where particular wine grapes originate; I had no idea coffee was so complicated.

I continue to get coffee at Starbucks on the weekends.  Sometimes I tell myself that I like frequenting the coffee shop because it’s fun to see my new friends and relax, but I have a feeling it’s the highly addictive, aromatic, and consistently great coffee that keeps me coming back.

Starbucks Coffee
(412) 422-6113
Squirrel Hill/CMU
2345 Murray Ave #110
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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4 Responses to Starbucks, Squirrel Hill

  1. Carey says:

    I have a sick addiction to the chai latte. It is slightly spicy, but SOOOOO good.

  2. Hungry Jo says:

    All the coffee places in Squirrel Hill make the neighborhood as liveable as it is; however, there’s an annoying problem at this particular Starbucks–and Coffee Tree and 61c and and and–that has kept me away: Screensuckers. Say i and 2 or 3 friends want to stop by for a coffee & chat after a movie and the only seats available are a barstool here or there because the 4-tops are occupied by one lonely screensucker at a laptop writing a novel or cruising Craigs List or something. Would love to know how proprietors of these cozy & inviting places make $ on patrons who nurse one cup of coffee for a couple of hours.

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  4. Anita Amory says:

    i spent most of my time at the starbuck during my year at the’s worth the money. 🙂

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