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Henckels Knife Giveaway

When I graduated from culinary school, I went knife shopping. I had saved up $150.00 (from my $6.75 per hour first cooking job), and was ready to buy a high-quality chef’s knife. I can remember strolling into Williams Sonoma, and drooling at all of the shiny knives through the glass panel. The salesperson happily opened the locked door, and I began my search. After handling a dozen knives, I decided on a Henckels 8-inch chef’s knife because I liked the balance, and it felt right in my hand. I used that knife for 8 years (before I bought another one). It survived many drops, mishaps, and thousands of passes over a sharpening stone.

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My New Knife

When I go shopping for a new knife, I always get excited- which brand will I choose? Is there a new knife out there that I’m not familiar with? Does it have superpowers? Will I be able to cut 1,000 onions in a single bound? Well, probably not, but I sure am going to have some fun picking out a new model.

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