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Shun Knives

From time to time I will experiment with new brands of knives; I’m always looking for the perfect cut… that perfect balance in my hand.
I recently purchased two Shun knives from a well- known distributor.

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My New Knife

When I go shopping for a new knife, I always get excited- which brand will I choose? Is there a new knife out there that I’m not familiar with? Does it have superpowers? Will I be able to cut 1,000 onions in a single bound? Well, probably not, but I sure am going to have some fun picking out a new model.

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Kitchen Safety

I’ve seen my share of gruesome accidents in the kitchen over the past 20 years. One thing all of these mishaps had in common- they could have been prevented. Take a minute to look over these tips; it could make a big difference in how you conduct yourself in the kitchen.

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