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Dell’s Sundae Grill, Munhall PA
Date June 26, 2012
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Dell’s Sundae Grill, Munhall, PA


Dell's Sundae Grill

Dell’s Sundae Grill, Munhall, PA

There’s a small, quaint ice cream shop at Farragut Street in Munhall. It’s not new by any stretch of the imagination. The small building that houses the precious soft-serve ice cream machines has been around for years. In fact, I can remember going when I was a kid, and that was, well- a while ago. If you ask Munhallers where to get soft-serve they will all tell you the same thing: Dells.

I was in Munhall today visiting another restaurant when I came upon Dells. I had to stop of course, and get a small vanilla cone. The ice cream was just as I remembered- soft, sweet and fluffy. The young woman that served me was kind and accommodating. As I waited for my cone at the walk-up window, I could smell the inside of the shop… it was sweet just as I remembered. Immediately I was taken back to my childhood years. There was an older gentleman in the parking-lot; he was enjoying a much larger cone, also vanilla. He must have been a regular.

Every once in a while you come across a privately-owned eating establishment that has managed to keep its doors open for years. These eateries are special places, because there aren’t many of them around anymore.

Everyone has a nostalgic ice cream shop from their youth- Dells just happens to be one of mine. If you find yourself at the Waterfront, take some time and drive up the road and grab a cone. It may just transport you back to your younger days.

Chef Chuck Kerber


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