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Katerbean, Pittsburgh, PA
Date February 22, 2010
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Katerbean, Pittsburgh, PA

Katerbean, Pittsburgh, PA


Katerbean, Pittsburgh, PA


There are many places to have coffee in the city of Pittsburgh; Starbuck’s, Crazy Mocha, 31C Café, etc.  There is a small café in the East End worth mentioning that serves coffee, pastries, croissants, and even chicken salad sandwiches.  Katerbean, on South Braddock Avenue has been open for 13 years now, and has enjoyed great success.  The small neighborhood of Regent Square was in dire need of a coffee-house; somewhere to go early in the mornings and grab a cup of joe.  If you’re hungry, Katerbean has fresh salads, homemade cookies, pastries, and seasonal fruit salad.  The coffee at Katerbean is provided by Coffee Tree; the blends are bold and tasty.  If you’re in the mood for a Mocha, ask Peggy- she may even give you extra chocolate and whipped cream!  Jackie works the early shift, her thick Boston accent and smart remarks will keep you laughing.

If you looking for a light lunch, and somewhere to have a meeting Katerbean provides free wireless service.  There are also many electrical outlets so you can work on your lap-top.

Give Katerbean a try and let us know what you think.

1108 South Braddock Avenue
Swissvale, PA  15218-1267


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7 Responses to Katerbean, Pittsburgh, PA

  1. Rachell Youngman says:

    The Katerbean has been a great disappointment every time I have gone in. Since it use to be a smoking facility it still reeks of old smokers. The place needs a new coat of paint and to be freshened up. I am in dire need of a relaxing place to have a cup of coffee and meet up with fiends. I wish this was it.

  2. stefen g says:

    Well for all of the new folks to this area. The square is and has been for a very long time a working mans town. Coffee is coffee, and as long as it is hot who cares, the attitudes of some of the employees are what one can and would expect from people around here. The old timers/locals like myself who where born and raised here, we enjoy the blue collar ways, and resent the attitudes of the transplants to the area who will find something to complain about. The katerbean is fine, there is always sheetz or Co-Go’s

  3. Non-blue collar says:

    Well, Regent Square is FAR from a blue collar neighborhood. Not to be arrogant, but it is very progressive, gay-friendly, and has some great restaurants (Green Mango, Square Café, Dunning’s). Unfortunately, this coffee shop has neither the ambiance nor the commitment from its owner to “enjoy great success.” The management would rather shorten hours than hire the staff they need. And the Manager’s attitude (she works weekday mornings) is enough to make me avoid the place before noon, and only go in occasionally after that time.

  4. Non-blue collar says:

    Oh, and the “homemade cookies” as well as the muffins and croissants come from Sam’s club. And they run out of chicken and tuna salad halfway through the week, and don’t make any more till the following week.

  5. Long-time resident says:

    Went here recently, ordered celery and carrot sticks with hummus. In addition to it being watery (it must have sat for at least 4-5 days in the cooler), the celery was rotten. Brown, mushy, rotting. I can’t see how anyone would want to eat anything that comes out of that cooler.

    Also, the guy working there, when I complained, got the other containers out, and several of them had brown, decomposing celery in them. When I pointed this out, he put them back in the cooler, ready for other, unsuspecting customers. How does he come to work in a food service place? Incredible.

    In short, go to Square Cafe or any other place in the Square. This place needs to get the message and we need a better, real coffee shop in the neighborhood.

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