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Voluto’s, Friendship

Despite Starbuck’s attempts to completely monopolize the coffee industry, there are still small coffee shops that exist in metropolitan neighborhoods. One such café is Voluto’s in the East Liberty/Friendship area of Pittsburgh. I had never heard of Voluto’s until a colleague scheduled a meeting there.

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The Inn on Negley, Shadyside

I’ve always liked brunch- it means that I’ve slept in, and am still going to get some good breakfast food, which is my favorite. A good friend of mine gave me a gift certificate to The Inn at Negley; a Bed and Breakfast place that I had never heard of. It’s in the heart of Shadyside, so we hopped in the car and were off to eat.

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Sushi Too, Shadyside

I like sushi. I’m no Jeremy Piven, but I do enjoy some raw fish, seaweed and rice from time to time. Sushi Too in Shadyside has a loyal following. The residents of the small neighborhood have mostly favorable things to say about the small restaurant, so my dinner mate and I decided to give it a try.

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Crepes Parisiennes, Shadyside, PA

It’s always fun to walk down Walnut Street in Shadyside on the weekends, there are always a lot of people to watch, and fun places to eat. Pamela’s is usually on our list, but it’s not always accessible on Saturday and Sunday. On this particular day, we found ourselves on Filbert Street, at Crepes Parisiennes.

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Katerbean, Pittsburgh, PA

There are many places to have coffee in the city of Pittsburgh; Starbuck’s, Crazy Mocha, 31C Café, etc. There is a small café in the East End worth mentioning that serves coffee, pastries, croissants, and even chicken salad sandwiches. Katerbean, on South Braddock Avenue has been open for 13 years now, and has enjoyed great success.

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Pamelas Restaurant In Shadyside

Pamela’s Diner is one of the most famous restaurants in Pittsburgh. There are six locations, and last weekend I finally made it to the one on Walnut Street. I’ve heard so much praise for this neighborhood breakfast nook since I’ve lived here.

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