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Butter Chicken Recipe

It is a type of curry made from chicken with a spiced tomato and butter (makhan) sauce. Its sauce is known for its …

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Square Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

If you live in the east end of town (or any other suburb of Pittsburgh) you’ve most likely heard of Square Café in Regent Square (412-244-8002).

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How to Make Crepes

Crepes are delicious. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not that difficult to make. All you need to be successful in your crepe endeavors is a good recipe, patience, and a non-stick pan. Once you have practiced your crepe-making skills, the possibilities are endless. Simply pick a filling- sweet or savory, and let the fun begin. Here are a few helpful hints that will ensure success for you when making crepes.

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Mother’s Day Recipes

Mom’s got to eat.
So treat her on Mothers’ Day. Sure, you may be most famous for your culinary prowess with frozen pizza, but this is a once-a-year event and your chance to really impress with a quick and easy brunch of cinnamon rolls and spinach quiche.
These recipes are amended so that even a novice baker can achieve great results. Just be sure to go to the store and have everything on-hand before you start.

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Pamelas Restaurant In Shadyside

Pamela’s Diner is one of the most famous restaurants in Pittsburgh. There are six locations, and last weekend I finally made it to the one on Walnut Street. I’ve heard so much praise for this neighborhood breakfast nook since I’ve lived here.

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Square Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

Since its inception in May of 2003, Square Café has enjoyed great success. Located in the quaint neighborhood of Regent Square, residents are able to walk to the small restaurant and enjoy homemade food.

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