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How to Make Sushi
Date April 26, 2010
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How to Make Sushi

How to Make Sushi


I can recall when sushi started becoming popular; it was around 15 years ago.  People couldn’t get enough of the stuff.  It’s unique texture, preparation, and taste intrigued foodies all over the world.  I was sure that this “new food” was just a fad- I mean, its labor-intensive preparation, and expensive ingredients (bluefin and yellowfin tuna) would surely make it cost-prohibitive, and stifle its loyal following.  Well, the years passed, and the “fad” was prolonged.  Today, sushi is more popular than ever; it’s even become ordinary.  People enjoy it on their lunch hour, and take it to go for dinner.  Some eat it for breakfast (I’ve seen it) and as a late night snack.  I’ve even seen small children consuming a California roll in the park, minus the wasabi of course!  What most people don’t realize is that sushi is easy to make.  Also, the ingredients are incredibly cheap (minus the bluefin).  If you want to make some sushi for your friends, take a trip to your local Asian market; every town has one.  Make friends with the proprietor, they’ll show you exactly what is needed to prepare your sushi successfully.  If you’re not educated on what type of raw fish are acceptable to use, try some smoked salmon, or crab rolls- they’re just as good as sashimi.  Check out this video, there are many like it on the web.  Although making sushi does take some practice, it gets easier with time, and makes for some serious fun!


Chef Chuck Kerber

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