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Corn Pudding, Cafe Dufrain, Tampa, Florida

Curious, I tried their Anson Mills corn pudding.

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East End Food Coop, Pittsburgh, PA

I’ve been going to the East End Food Co-op for several years now. There’s something appealing about supporting small, local, member-owned food stores that appeals to me. The Coop was updated several years ago to help it keep up with the competition- Whole Foods mostly. The renovation expanded the size of the Coop, and also made room for more product- all good things

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61c Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

So, Monday night when I walked into The 61c Cafe, I fell in love. Immediately, I felt like I was home. Even though I was on a familiar street in familiar Squirrel Hill, I think that with little effort I could have convinced myself I was in another country far away. And I loved that.

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