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Homemade Dog Food

I knew that action was needed, but I also knew that it would be difficult to start her on a new diet, minus the store-bought dog treats. After doing some research, I came up with a homemade dog food recipe. Before you try this for your pet, you may to talk to your vet. I’ve heard over and over again that you’re only supposed to give your dog approved food from an approved provider, but I’m not sure I agree. After feeding my dog with this recipe for the past three months, I’ve noticed her health improve considerably and she’s even dropped weight.

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Foli’s Place, PA

There are times when you want to go out and get a bite, but aren’t interested in making a production out of it. Sometimes it’s nice to go to dinner and not have to worry about getting dressed up, making reservations, or worrying about understanding a complicated menu. Well, I have a suggestion for you- Foli’s Restaurant/Bar in Braddock Hills.

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