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Thai Summer Rolls Recipe

Summer Rolls are a delicious, nutritious, snack. You can put a myriad if ingredients inside- anything from chicken, to shrimp, to duck. If you prefer a vegan snack, stuff your rolls with avocado, cucumber, carrots, and any other veggies you can think of. Summer Rolls are extremely healthy- try my recipe tonight!

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Thai Suan Thip, Pittsburgh

I like doing things by myself: going to movies, going to bars, going out to eat. I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel. Monday night I decided to take a drive to Bellevue to check out a new Thai restaurant that I’ve been hearing a lot about. Thai Suan Thip may be located off the beaten path, but it’s worth driving a few minutes out of the city for a high quality Thai dining experience.

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Curry Away, Edgewood

There’s a peculiar stretch of road in Edgewood/Swissvale- amidst this rural, quiet neighborhood sits a small, commercial lot with a few businesses- there’s a chiropractor, Laundromat, used car lot, convenience store, and Thai restaurant… Curry Away- that’s the name of the restaurant that resides here, and pay attention, or you’ll drive by without ever knowing it was there. The outside of Curry Away looks similar to the other businesses that it sits next to- inconspicuous. The inside is small….very small- six tables in all, with seating for 18-20, max. The walls are a pleasant orange-ish color, with a few framed photographs on them; that’s it for the décor- minimal to say the least.

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Bangkok Balcony, Squirrel Hill

Bangkok Balcony is located in Squirrel Hill. If you’re walking on Forbes Avenue, hang a left at 5846, and head upstairs. I can remember my first time there; I didn’t expect to see a larger sized restaurant.

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Green Mango, Pittsburgh, PA

Described as serving “Contemporary Thai Cuisine,” The Green Mango in Regent Square greets the diner with warm corral walls and a cozy atmosphere. Arriving on a Friday night we’re not surprised that the restaurant is booming; no available tables.

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