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Valentine’s Day
Date February 5, 2011
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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, have you made plans? If you’re a guy, and have a girlfriend, or are married, you better make something happen on the 14th of February. If you don’t, chances are you’re a schmuck, going to get smacked, or worst yet, left.

When this particular holiday comes around I always get asked, “What is a good Valentine’s Dinner?” Well, that’s a tough one to answer. There aren’t any specific foods that fit this day; it’s more about the gesture, especially if you’re in a relationship. Valentine’s Day is about showing appreciation for your loved one; doing something unselfish and original.

If you’re set on making a meal, you can prepare anything, but I do have some very important advice: practice making the food a few days prior to Valentine’s Day. It’s important to know exactly that you’re getting into, especially if you’re making something complicated. Experiment first on your friends; let them get involved in the kitchen, and break open a good bottle of wine.

For some reason, everyone wants to make soufflés on Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure I would recommend this, as they can be complicated. However, if you’re set on making a soufflé, try chocolate; they’re usually the easiest to prepare (successfully), and if it’s a bit underdone inside, you can always say, “This is a molten soufflé; it’s supposed to be creamy in the center.”

Take time to show some appreciation and kindness for your mate this Valentine’s Day; this special holiday comes around but once a year.

Chef Chuck Kerber

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