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Narcisi Winery, Gibsonia, PA

Last weekend my sister was celebrating her birthday, and wanted to meet at Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia, PA. I had never heard of the winery, but was eager to have a meal with my family, and enjoy some Italian food and wine. A bit of a preface- Pennsylvania wines are usually less than exceptional because of the lack of sun, wet climate, and baron soil. What results, are wines that are lacking body, and depth. Most east coast wines are also unbearably sweet.

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Bea’s Taco Town, Pittsburgh, PA

  It’s not easy to find authentic Mexican food in Pittsburgh- most people think Taco Bell is delicious. Growing up in San Diego, …

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Francesco’s Italian Restaurant, Clairton, PA

Francesco’s Italian restaurant is located off of 51 in Clairton, PA. It isn’t a large eatery, probably 50 seats total. I noticed quite a few black and white pics of the Francesco family on the wall as I walked in- I was interested in learning more about the rich history.

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