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Bea’s Taco Town, Pittsburgh, PA

  It’s not easy to find authentic Mexican food in Pittsburgh- most people think Taco Bell is delicious. Growing up in San Diego, …

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Cavo,Pittsburgh, PA

It’s not always easy to decide what to do on New Year’s Eve- go out, or stay in? Last night my girlfriend and I and another couple decided to go to a club/restaurant in the Strip named Cavo. Cavo is a relatively new business, which was evident when I walked through the doors at 7pm.

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Calli’s Restaurant, Pittsburgh, PA

Calli’s restaurant sits across from Frick Park in Regent Square. If you’ve ever been to Rose’s Ice Cream Parlor, you may have noticed it next door. There are two entrances, one on the Forbes Avenue side, and another on Braddock Avenue.

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