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Date April 5, 2014
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I’ve been a professional chef for 25 years.  During this time I have been asked to endorse, and write about many different food products.  Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to Isagenix- a revolutionary health and wellness company that concentrates on detoxification, weight loss, improving energy and performance, and healthy aging.  I had never heard of Isagenix, so I did some research.

I’ve used protein shakes in the past because of my busy schedule.  I work crazy hours, and often don’t have the time to eat a healthy meal.  Protein shakes afforded me the ability to get the nutrients I needed (or so I thought) to keep my body going.  What I didn’t know, however is that I was ingesting over-processed whey protein with little or no nutritional benefits.

I looked into the organic Isagenix whey protein shakes and this is what I found:  All of the whey protein is undenatured- this means that the processing is minimal.  There is no pasteurization (the milk is never boiled and cold pressed, thus preserving all of the important enzymes and other essential proteins).  Furthermore, the cows from which the milk comes are never treated with antibiotics or hormones of any kind!  Impressive.

All of the products made by Isaenix are prepared in the same way- with wholesomeness.  Although the shakes, meal replacements, and cleansing systems are considered revolutionary, Isagenix preserves the integrity of the food at all times- this process encapsulates and mirrors integrity of the company.

In the recent months I have tried all of the shakes (chocolate is my favorite), multi-vitamins, protein bars, green tea-infused chocolate, and energy shots.  I continue to be amazed at the high quality and effectiveness of all of these products.

Are you happy with your health?  Do you have a few extra pounds to lose?  Are you an athlete in search of increased stamina and strength?  Do you want to cleanse your body of impurities, and start a fresh, new beginning?  Do you want to provide your body with the nutrients necessary for clearer thinking and increased production?


I’m only in the beginning few months of my health plan and am continually surprised by my results.


Because I have had such good results with Isagenix, and believe in their uncompromising standards, I have decided to get involved in the business as well.


Would you like to have the opportunity to travel more, and spend time with your family?  What about having extra time to pursue your dreams and desires?  Isagenix can help you get there!


Please reach out to me so that we can discuss the endless opportunities that Isagenix can provide- make a choice TODAY to embark on a new journey… one of health, strength, happiness and opportunity!


Chef Chuck Kerber






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