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Rock Bottom, Pittsburgh
Date April 15, 2010
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Rock Bottom, PittsburghRock Bottom, Pittsburgh

When I went to Rock Bottom, I didn’t know what to make of the restaurant.  Is it American food?  Mexican?  European?  There are no defining characteristics on the menu (or in the décor) that can help with this conundrum.  After eating at the restaurant, I did some research.  Rock Bottom is considered to be a brewery first, serving “American style” food.

Upon entering, we first noticed the large bar, and pool tables at Rock Bottom.  It was a Saturday afternoon, so the bar wasn’t hopping, but you could tell the staff was preparing for a busy night crowd.  Before lunch I decided to wash up (as I always do).  The bathrooms are located in the back of the restaurant, past the bar.  Behind the bar sits an enormous room containing large copper vats that ferment and produce their homemade beer.  I was amazed at the mammoth containers; how much beer can these things hold?  I sat and watched for a while as the brew masters checked gauges and temperatures- what a cool job!

I returned to the table and looked at the beer menu; Light Lagers, Wheats, Red and Amber Ales, Brown Ales, Pale Ales, and Darks….how can you choose?  It was too early for me to drink, but my brother-in-law chose Ale.  I tried the beer; it was clear (no cloudiness; a trait that often eludes home brewers) and crisp, with lots of hoppy flavoring.

The lunch and dinner menu is a labyrinth of different cultural cuisines.  Some of the appetizers include Brewery Nachos, Quesadilla Rolls, Guacamole and Chips, Spicy Spinach Cheese Dip, Buffalo Wings, Firecracker Shrimp, Seared Ahi, Ball Park Pretzels, Titan Toothpicks (chicken and cheese in tortillas), Edamame, Onion Rings, and a Sampler Platter.  Now, just try to explain to me which culinary avenue Rock Bottom is exploring here.  We chose to forgo the appetizers, but had small dinner salads that were fresh, with homemade dressings- very good.

I ordered a standard Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, cheddar and onion.  You can now choose your patty at Rock Bottom: try chicken, turkey, or ground beef, not a bad idea!  Also ordered were; a Reuben, Chicken wrap, Brewery Chili, and Steak Salad.  My burger was good; cooked medium with sharp cheddar cheese, and a fresh bun.  My Mom had the Reuben, and thought that the meat was very lean.  Believe me, if the corned beef wasn’t to her specification, she would have let us know.  The bread was toasted nicely, and Swiss cheese was abundant, as it melted all over the sandwich. My sister thought her steak salad was good also- the meat was tasty and fresh.  My brother-in-law enjoyed his chili; not too spicy.

To me, Rock Bottom is an enigma; I’m not really sure what to make of it.  I need to put my reviews in classifications, but I can’t with this one.  So, let’s call it a brewery house with a diverse menu.  The food at Rock Bottom is really good, the portions are generous, the price is right. Also, the servers have always been courteous when I’ve eaten there.  I hear from reliable sources that it’s a good place to go on Friday and Saturday nights.

Rock Bottom isn’t a particularly expensive place to have lunch or dinner.  The food is well-prepared, and there are many choices if you have picky eaters in your group.

Rock Bottom
(412) 462-2739
171 E Bridge St
Homestead, PA 15120


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