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Roberto’s, San Diego

Roberto’s is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That means, if you need a Mexican-food-fix, you can get it- no matter what time of the night it is, or which particular Holiday happens to roll around.

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Rock Bottom, Pittsburgh

When I went to Rock Bottom, I didn’t know what to make of the restaurant. Is it American food? Mexican? European? There are no defining characteristics on the menu (or in the décor) that can help with this conundrum. After eating at the restaurant, I did some research. Rock Bottom is considered to be a brewery first, serving “American style” food.

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Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh, PA

Have you ever been to dinner in a palatial restaurant that was once a church? Well, that’s what you will find if you choose to have dinner at Church Brew Works. Besides having good food, Church Brew Works brews, and serves its own beers.

It’s hard to believe that a building so vast could house a restaurant, but it does. One of the first times I had dinner at Church Brew Works, I remember entering the parking lot and seeing something peculiar. There were people standing in the parking lot, looking up. A large collection of bats were circling the top of the church, hundreds of bats, it was creepy. Maybe the bats knew something we didn’t.

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