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WQED’s Chris Fennimore

I grew up in a big extended family. We lived in my Grandmother’s house along with several sets of aunts, uncles and cousins galore. The kitchen was our common room. During the week we did our homework on the kitchen table. That’s where we had every meal and it was the site for about 6 hours of prep work leading up to the communal Sunday meal.

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Piper’s Pub, Pittsburgh, PA

Last August, I went to Piper’s Pub on a first date. I was a little nervous. I don’t remember what I wore. I don’t remember eating or drinking anything. I could probably take a good guess about what the floor looked like because I’m sure I was staring at it all evening. For some unfathomable reason, the silly boy I went out with stuck around, and we went there again last week for a laid-back dinner. It’s really a shame I don’t remember that first dinner at Piper’s, because I’m sure it was lovely.

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