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Good Brother Earl at Rock Bottom

I like Mondays. The potential for a good week gets me jazzed! Still fresh from the weekend, I’m making lists and getting things done. By Tuesday, the weekend buzz has worn off and the reality of four more workdays looms over my head like my frizzy hair. By midweek, I need some kind of fun to shake off stress and break up the week. That’s why on Wednesday nights, I love to go to Rock Bottom in the Waterfront to watch local favorites GOOD BROTHER EARL play some rockin’ acoustic sets.

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Calli’s Restaurant, Pittsburgh, PA

Calli’s restaurant sits across from Frick Park in Regent Square. If you’ve ever been to Rose’s Ice Cream Parlor, you may have noticed it next door. There are two entrances, one on the Forbes Avenue side, and another on Braddock Avenue.

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Restaurant Truths

You’ve all thought it—“If I send this soup back because it’s cold my server is going to spit in it!” Not true! In my 20+ years of working in the food service industry, I’ve never once seen anyone spit in food. There are many myths that surround restaurant and their practices; some are true, while some are total fabrications. Check out a few restaurant truths

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