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Sun Penang, Squirrel Hill

A restaurant serving average tasting Asian food in Squirrel Hill.

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Dozen Bakeshop, Squirrel Hill

Over the past few years, it seems as if cupcakes have become more popular than ever. They’re all over the place; even replacing traditional cakes at weddings. Why the renewed popularity? Is it that the cupcake is small, and easy to eat? Maybe it’s because they come in so many different flavors, and just as important, colors. If you really enjoy a cupcake (as most people do) Dozen Bakeshop in Squirrel Hill should be on your short list of places to visit. It’s a very small space, but it’s loaded with charm, and sweet aromas.

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Uncle Sam’s Subs, Squirrel Hill

I’ve had my fair share of subs. This isn’t something I’m proud of, it’s merely a fact. I’ve traveled through Oakland, most of the East Suburbs, Downtown, and Monroeville. Of all the sandwiches I’ve enjoyed over the years, some of my favorites are being made at Uncle Sam’s Subs, in Squirrel Hill. Uncle Sam’s Subs has a wide variety of selections that can be seen on their wall-mounted menu. Among some of the offerings are: The Mediterranean ($4.15), zucchini, tomatoes, grilled onions, black olives, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce, The Roma Vegetable Sub ($4.15), broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, zucchini, and sweet peppers, The Vegetable Florentine ($4.15), spinach, sweet peppers and fontina cheese. If you’re more of a carnivore, you can go for the Steak Sub ($4.05), The Cheese-Steak Sub ($4.30), The Pepper Mushroom Steak Sandwich ($4.65), Steak and Egg Sub ($4.30), Capicolla and Cheese Sub ($4.15), or the Chicken Cheese Steak ($4.65). Although all of the sandwiches are good, I always opt for the “Ultras.” These are pretty much the same sandwiches as above, but with extra everything! Extra meat, cheese, toppings=extra YUM. All of the sandwiches are prepared in front of you, on a flat grill. The steak, chicken, or other protein is grilled, cheese melted, then the sandwich is built…fresh and tasty! You can choose between regular or whole wheat bread for your sandwich. I recommend the whole wheat- it has a hearty texture and great flavor. It also helps me rationalize ingesting a few thousand calories at one sitting. One more thing…the fries…oh the fries…they’re crisp, salty, and starchy; a must if you’re ordering one of these colossal sandwiches. Uncle Sam’s Subs also offers a wide variety of domestic and imported beers.

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