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Kitchen Myths

Kitchen myths debunked.

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Chicken Stock Recipe

Basic chicken stock is the foundation of many soups as well as sauces. If you can make a clear, flavorful broth, you will be able to prepare a myriad of soups and other delicious creations.

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Paula Deen and Diabetes

You may have noticed that Paula Deen has been getting more air time that usual as of late. Apparently, she’s had type-2 diabetes for the past three years and forgot to tell anyone. The public has been very reactive over this news; she is a famous TV personality after all.

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Quinoa Salad Recipe

This is my recipe for a nutritious and easy to make cold quinoa salad- a delicious meal for my vegan and vegetarian friends!

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Gluten Free

Even though I don’t believe in resolutions, I am going to try and stop eating gluten in the New Year. My sister and niece have celiac, so chances are, I may have some predisposition to the stuff myself.

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