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Perfect Barbecued Ribs Recipe

Barbecued ribs are one of my favorite dishes to make during the summer months. If made the correct way, barbequed pork and beef ribs are juicy, flavorful, and most importantly- tender.

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Thanksgiving Day Cooking Tips

Thanksgiving Day Cooking Tips and Secrets

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More Cooking Secrets

Cooking Tips and Secrets

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Kitchen Myths

Kitchen myths debunked.

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Restaurant Secrets

If you’re attending a weekend brunch Saturday or Sunday morning, don’t expect your server to be too lively. It’s likely that he/she was out the night before partying it up. Foodservice employees work hard, and often party as hard as they work- especially on the weekends.

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Secrets to Great Barbecued Ribs

Ribs aren’t always easy to make. If you’ve ever been to a dinner party, and bitten into a gristly, tough rib, you know what I mean. Everyone swears they have the secret to good ribs. My neighbor swears that if you boil your ribs before grilling them, they become tender and soft. The only problem is, all the good flavor from the ribs is going to be left behind in that pot of water. I met another woman who sprinkled her ribs with lemon Kool Aid; her ribs were excellent! So, if you’re looking for some ideas for great pork, baby-back ribs, give this a try.

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Chef Secrets

Always store your knives in a drawer, or on the wall on a magnetized strip. Never in a butcher block blade-side down. Removing and placing the knife in the block will make it dull.

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Cooking Secrets of Chefs

Here’s the truth – there are shortcuts and secrets that the pros use in commercial kitchens. These little tricks are used to save time, and also cut down on product waste. These simple tricks can be used in your own kitchen to help make you a more proficient and effective cook. Shhhhh…..don’t share these secrets with just anyone!

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