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Clarified Butter

There are a few secrets that chefs don’t share with the general public- tools they use in commercial kitchens to make their jobs …

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Kitchen Myths

Kitchen myths debunked.

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Kitchen Abuse, Paying Your Dues

What does it take to become a chef? These days, it doesn’t seem like much. Every day I run into people that say they’re chefs, but I become skeptical when they tell me about their lack of experience. I’m continually hiring people that assure me that they can cook, but end up being skilled at only one thing; complaining. Not only do these fresh-out-of school kids expect the world, they don’t want to have to work their way up the ladder, putting in the necessary time and effort to truly learn their profession. I hope I’m not dating myself by saying, “When I graduated from cooking school, things were different…you really had to prove yourself before you got promoted…” The truth is things are different. With the gaining popularity of The Food Newtwork, and other food-related shows, everyone wants to become a chef.

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An Open Letter to all Chefs

Not all chefs are created equal- some are jerks. As a matter of fact, that’s become the exception these days. If you’ve had the opportunity to catch any recent TV shows on Fox (or any other food channel), you’ve probably noticed that being nasty has become chic. So, what excuse do certain chefs have for poor behavior? None.

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Kitchen Supplies, Getting Started

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to help outfit kitchens (many in the east end), professional and personal, with tools and equipment.

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A Chef Will Never Say….

You will never hear a Chef say…

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