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Arugula Pesto

Arugula is my favorite lettuce because of its natural spiciness. It’s perfect for seared salmon salads, and light, sweet vinaigrettes. Arugula is easily transformed into pesto, which can be used on a large variety of sandwiches (paninis especially), chicken, and fish.

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Free Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream!

Climate change means out summers are getting too hot. So let’s cool
off. Next week, The Climate Reality Project is giving away free Ben &
Jerry’s in Pittsburg to raise awareness for climate action.

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Getting Grill Ready

Getting Grill Ready

The weather is perfect- it’s time to start grilling. If you’re like me, your grill has been sitting outside un-covered for a few months.

The first thing I do is hose off the outside of the grill- this removes most of the larger particles and debris. Then, I fill a bucket with hot, soapy water and begin to hand-wash the outside of the grill. If the surface of your grill is stainless steel, or has a painted coating, use a non-abrasive sponge to avoid scratches and permanent blemishes. Carefully wash off the soapy water and hand-dry with a cotton cloth.

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Simpatico Espresso

Simpatico Espresso is located in the old Acloa Building (the Regional Enterprise Tower), and has been serving customers since May of 2006. In addition to serving standard coffee, espresso, and cappuccino, you can pick up fresh baked goods prepared by Colangelo’s Bakery, Enrico’s Biscotti, Café Raymond, and Allegro Hearth Bakery.

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